Okay, I know it's probably going to rain very soon very soon, but on a day like this which so far has been the warmth of every other day in this very weird winter, you have to grab whatever fleeting moments of outdoors that you can.

So I rush over to the Long Branch Boardwalk, and I fully expect to see a huge crowd, the kind of crowd and always gathers in my town and flocks to the boardwalk even for a few brief moments to enjoy and are usually warm day. I even prepare myself to see some of the usual boardwalk rack: the mommies with strollers, the retired folks strolling, even a couple of random fishermen hanging out and chatting.

Today was unusual though. I was virtually alone. I actually saw a couple of people join me after the first 20 minutes I spent there in solitude.

But I can honestly say that in my many years of living near the beach, this was the first time I have higher place to myself.

So I had to take advantage of it by chilling quietly by myself. By the time I got the camera out one or two folks join me, but this might've been the best half hour I've ever spent in New Jersey in my life. Those of us who live at the shore all your round can relate.

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