I don't know whose idea it was, my daughter or her best friend who now lives in Manhattan. But there I was standing with 19 other people, feeling like a Japanese tourist, listening to woman talk about New York.

Of course she's a NYC actress who does this sort of thing for extra money (to survive). It's Saturday afternoon and we're on a food tour in The Village. One of the girls had a Groupon deal, of course. Marcy, our guide, stops at a few historic buildings before making our first stop for a slice of pizza.

Then we walk a block or two for salami and rice balls at an Italian deli. A few blocks further down we stop for falafel on Macdougal and wrap things up with coffee and then a mini cupcake.

I'm usually not a big fan of tours, it reminds me too much of school and I hated school. But this was cool. Every once in awhile you should try one of these tourist things, even when it's in our backyard.

I learned a little, ate a little, saw more of NY which I loved, but most of all, I got to see my daughter for the second weekend in a row. That was the big payoff. If there were a Groupon deal for that I'd grab it every weekend!

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