The Drama Queen (Cory Booker) was back in full glory Thursday morning. When Christine Blasey Ford took her seat in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee she was assured that if she needed anything at any time it would be taken care of, that if she needed breaks she could take them, etc.. Her response was, "After reading my opening statement I anticipate needing some caffeine."

Before you knew it, like some sort of cheeseball barista superhero, there was Sen. Cory Booker jumping into action. He had immediately gotten her coffee along with creamer, stirrers, etc., and pounced on the opportunity for some more camera time. Isn't this the sort of thing an aide would take care of? I can almost picture it now; just off camera Booker wrestling a hot cup of coffee out of a young aide's hand.

No, me! I'll be running for president and what a great optic, me being caretaker to a sexual assault victim!

His past stories of running into a burning building to save a neighbor and other similar civic-mindedness have been called into question. His recent "Spartacus" moment was outright pathetic, where he wanted the hero's spotlight for daring to break senate rules by releasing documents that were already cleared for public view. Nice try on that one, Captain Cory. Let's hope a codpiece doesn't come with that superhero outfit. Thursday was just another example of the same. A phony politician who'll do anything to look good.

Don't get me wrong. This is in no way a statement on who I believed in Thursday's testimony. I found Blasey Ford a far more credible witness than the facial ticking, water chugging, question sidestepping Kavanaugh. But when it comes to Cory Booker, let's be honest. It's all about the optics.

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