What married man hasn’t had a bachelor party before taking the “long walk?”

Some will probably think, “show me that guy and I’ll show you a guy who’s “whipped!”

So what happens? Guys get together, and completely “go off!”

Here’s the story of one who literally “went off!”
Went off the 11th floor window of the hotel room where the party was staying.

According to this:

A bachelor party ended in death early Saturday.

According to police, a 29-year-old man fell from a hotel window on the 11th floor of the 12-story Lady Luck Hotel, landing on the 7th floor of a parking garage.

The victim was identified as Dirk A. Anderson, of Thornton.

Police said Anderson and several friends were participating in a bachelor party prior to the incident and several people were in the hotel room when the man fell at 4:52 a.m. He had been sitting on the window sill and fell backwards through the screen of the opened window.

"Although it’s early in the investigation, it appears the death is consistent with an accidental fall," a police release said.

"It’s a huge tragedy," said Black Hawk Police Chief Stephen Cole. " You’re in a controlled environment and you’re safe, and you’re not out drinking and driving, and something like this happens."

I was very lucky. My (soon to be and now present) wife told my brother, just bring him home with a smile on his face.

And come home with a smile on my face I did.

Just as the sun was coming up over the city.

But, while bachelor parties are still a rite of passage, did your soon to be better half put the kibosh on yours?

And how did that make you feel? Like losing a vital part of your anatomy I’ll bet!

Is a bachelor party a necessary rite of passage for guys before getting married?