Since it was so popular last year, Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson is having another “Autism Day,” a day when the park is closed to the general public. This year’s Autism Day is May 8th.

As reported in the Asbury Park Press, the park will modify the lights, music, and lines for the rides to accommodate the needs of the autistic children who can’t stand loud noises, bright lights, or waiting in line. As an aside, I take my autistic son (he’s 18) to Great Adventure every year and they have always been wonderful in making the experience enjoyable for him. While loud noises and bright lights don’t bother him as much as they did when he was younger, the waiting in line causes him to start stimming and the park lets him to go to the front of the line.

On Autism Day, Six Flags will have designated decompression areas for children who get overwhelmed and 100 staff members from the Gersh Academy for Children on the Autism Spectrum to help the kids navigate the park and generally look after the needs of the autistic children.

Onenote: Season pass holders and members will not be admitted, so the autistic children have the park to themselves. As a long time parent of a child with autism, I commend Six Flags Great Adventure for looking out for the children on the spectrum. You can buy tickets here. Use the promo code Gersh.

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