Atlantic County will be testing its newly updated emergency alert system, which will be able to deliver messages to both businesses and residents countywide.

Andrew Burton, Getty Images

The CodeRed system will allow phone messages to not only be sent to all participants, but also send messages to geographically specific areas.

The county is conducting a test call during the week of Jan. 27 to all residents with landline phones, as well as anyone who already registered. Residents can sign up additional phones, modify information, or remove themselves via the system's website.

Linda Gilmore, public information officer for Atlantic County, says the system can be used "in the event of an emergency, severe weather event, or missing child case or evacuation."

Street addresses are required, but the county says all data will be kept confidential. The system includes all landline phones in the Verizon database. Cell and VoIP numbers will have to be individually registered, and previously registered numbers will not need to be re-registered.

While residents of Atlantic County are all recommended to register, part-time residents can also benefit -- especially if they have a summer home or elderly relative in the county.

"Think back to Superstorm Sandy and how many people had second homes here, where their properties were at risk," Gilmore said. "I'm sure it would be very valuable to them to learn of imminent threats."

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