Police in Atlantic City now have a new high-tech crime detection device that can instantaneously tell them when gunfire occurs.


It's called, ShotSpotter, a system of sound detection devices placed strategically throughout Atlantic City that 'hear' gunfire and immediately zoom in on the exact location for the benefit of police.

Atlantic City Police Department Spokeswoman Sgt. Monica McMenamin says along with citizen assistance, ShotSpotter is a key component in making the town safer and more attractive.

"When the city is safer, it turns into revenue, too. Businesses are going to want to come to the city, to come in and invest in Atlantic City because it is a safer community."

Indeed, ShotSpotter started working as soon as it landed, detecting gunfire on a street while the system was still being calibrated.

Just before police began calibrating the system, ShotSpotter notified police dispatch of gunfire near the 1600 block of Caspian Avenue. Arriving on scene, police discovered two spent shell casings and one live. No witnesses or victims were found, but ShotSpotter demonstrated its potential value from the very start of its deployment.