The owners of the Atilis Gym in Bellmawr took matters into their own hands over the weekend, reopening their facility despite being arrested last week for contempt of court.

The bottom line is that the gym should have never been closed. The outrageous idea of closing small businesses to “stop the spread” of the novel coronavirus is absurd and dangerous.

First of all, the narrative from our government in Trenton has changed throughout the pandemic and subsequent shutdown. Don’t forget that the entire idea behind the shutdown was to limit movement and social interaction in order to “flatten the curve” and avoid a spike in hospitalizations. As I’ve been saying since February, the data and the facts surrounding the virus clearly show a number of facts that fly in the face of government action.

First of all, we know who is vulnerable. Older people with health issues. Serious health issues, like cancer. Young healthy people, although susceptible to catching the virus, are simply not vulnerable to succumb to the virus. Secondly, "asymptomatic," AKA “healthy” people, are not the spreaders of the virus. You know who spreads it? Sick people who are coughing and sneezing. We also know that the virus isn’t really being transmitted on surfaces. So the idea that healthy people can’t go to the gym, to maintain their health, in order to keep them “safe” is ridiculous.

Thankfully, the Atilis Gym owners know this and are acting in their own interest. Which happens to be in the interest of every small business out there. Every business should kick in the doors and let those of us that recognize healthy immune systems are the best defense against any virus, simply go about our business. I’ll say it again. Protect vulnerable people, those who are elderly and compromised, and treat the sick. And despite the efforts of corrupt social media giants, the truth is out there. Just listen to the docs on the front lines about how they can treat the disease and save lives.

So we have treatments, we had no overrun of our medical support system and we have a virus that has a very small group of people who may die if they contract it. With all of this knowledge any leader who values our constitution, civil liberties and economic liberty would have opened up everything in May, at the latest. Sadly, we have nothing, but corrupt elites in Trenton who only think about their own power and money. They would rather abuse the police power they have to arrest honest business owners to force submission to their will than admit they have been spreading misinformation and using your fear to consolidate their power from the beginning of the pandemic.

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