There is one hotel that rises above all other Garden State hotels by being named the most famous in the state. And it's right here in Asbury Park.

Insider has named the most famous hotel in each state in the nation and their choice for New Jersey is the Asbury Hotel, according to It's a great choice for a hotel and a town that everybody is talking about.

The Asbury describes itself  as at hotel that "mashes up Asbury Park's Victorian-era history, rock-n-roll present, and shiny future into a new kind of social hub."

When you stop and think about all the famous towns and all the famous hotels in the Garden State, you start to realize what a nice honor this actually is. So congratulations to The Asbury and to Asbury Park.

For the record, if you're curious which hotels got the honors in our neighboring states, for New York, The Insider named  The Plaza Hotel, and in Pennsylvania it was Deer Head Inn in the Poconos.

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