As I said on my show this weekend, It's been so cold here in New Jersey our politicians actually have their hands in their own pockets!

They say sometimes the best thing to do when you're chilly is to think warm thoughts, so I wanted to share this video of the roads melting in Victoria, Australia. They are currently experiencing a 120 degree heatwave. Can you imagine?  That's about 20-30 degrees hotter than an incredibly hot Jersey Shore beach day.

While digging out from the 16 inches of snow I received at the ranch this week, I was thinking when will those beach days be back? It seems like an eternity ago since we were broadcasting from the summer stage at Seaside Heights. But I guess that's why we enjoy the shore so much when we finally get back to it. It takes a terrible winter to really appreciate how good we have it here the other half of the year.

At least there's some relief in sight as Dan Zarrow is predicting a warming trend coming this week. Let's hope it sticks around for a little while. Stay warm New Jersey!

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