The Bottom Line

Cooler air is here. While we saw summerlike temperatures as warm as 86 degrees in New Jersey on Monday, it will be awhile before we see 80s again.

Even though Tuesday will trend about 10+ degrees cooler than Monday, it will be another incredibly pleasant day overall with sunshine, dry weather, and a nice light breeze.

The ensuing days, however, are basically the opposite. Cloudy, damp, and cool with an on-shore breeze. Rain chances are plugged into the forecast from Wednesday through Thursday, and again from Friday to Saturday. While there will be some gloomy weather in that stretch (especially on Thursday), I do not see any washout days. Nor an especially high risk of downpours and/or severe weather.

Friday and Saturday will be drier, but still carry a shower chance. If you're looking for a return to pleasant, dry, seasonable weather, you will have to wait until early next week.

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Beautiful, from start to finish.

Tuesday morning is cool, in the 40s and 50s. Temperatures are probably low enough to warrant grabbing a jacket.

Highs will reach about 70 degrees Tuesday afternoon. Almost 10 degrees above normal for this time of year.

Sunny skies, dry weather, and light winds. Enjoy!

Tuesday night stays quiet and pleasant. Clouds will roll in, as temperatures slide down to around 50 degrees.


A return to unsettled weather.

But I do think we will eke out a dry Wednesday morning. Possibly even with some early breaks of sun.

Don't get used to it though. Scattered rain showers will start to creep into New Jersey Wednesday afternoon, probably starting around 1 or 2 p.m. The day will start much wetter and drearier than it began.

High temperatures should reach the upper 50s to lower 60s before clouds thicken up and rain arrives.

As Wednesday night falls, rain will likely become more widespread and a bit heavier. Forecast models are showing NJ's atmosphere becoming marginally unstable by Thursday morning, which suggests there could be some thunderstorms. I do not think we are dealing with any widespread flooding or severe weather threat — just a half-inch to an inch of total rain.


Not a nice weather day. Although not exactly a total washout.

Thick clouds and occasional rain will continue through Thursday morning and afternoon. Again, nothing heavy or dramatic — just gloomy and damp.

Due to the clouds, raindrops, and easterly (on-shore) breeze, temperatures will be especially miserable throughout Thursday. We might see high temperatures touch the lower 50s — but I suspect most of the state will spend most of the day in the 40s. It's a classic "springtime backdoor cold front" day — raw and uncomfortable.

Conditions should start to dry out a bit Thursday night, as showers turn to drizzle and then taper off completely.


Friday will be better. Mainly dry. But skies will remain a bit murky. And temperatures will stay unseasonably cool.

I will call Friday mostly cloudy, a description which does allow for about 25% sun coverage. Most of the daytime hours should be rain-free. High temperatures will be limited to the mid to maybe upper 50s.

Showers look to return later on Friday, between late afternoon and late evening. Hopefully that timing does not interfere with too many outdoor plans. And again, nothing crazy or severe — just wet.

The Weekend & Beyond

Saturday is a bit of a question mark. Recent model consensus has pointed to clouds and showers around. But there is a drier trend developing, especially via the Euro, that gives hope for an almost rain-free day.

If clouds and showers win out, I suspect thermometers will be stuck in the 50s on Saturday. If we catch peeks of sunshine and the day stays dry, seasonable 60+ degree temperatures would be likely. Let's see how the Wednesday-Thursday rain situation plays out, and then we should have a better idea of what the weekend will look like.

Sunday does look like the drier, nicer day of the weekend. As skies become partly sunny, high temperatures will finally return to the lower 60s.

Monday also looks good, partly sunny and lower-mid 60s.

Temperatures will probably take another tumble next week, as cool temperatures look to generally keep hold of NJ through this second half of April. Here's hoping the number of soaking wet days will be limited.

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