Most of us never want to risk it. Most of us never want to push the envelope and drive drunk. We hear the adages echo in our heads of one drink mitigated per one hour of drinking and think of how much or how little we ate. The problem is we never really know until it might be too late. Only a blood test or a breathalyzer administered by law enforcement is going to determine it, and with the thousands of dollars and loss of license it will cost you you don't want to find out that way.

This online calculator is still NOT any sure thing! I can't stress that enough. So many variables go into your blood alcohol content that you should not use this thinking it's proof you are okay to drive. I'm only offering it as a warning that you probably will get legally drunk far faster than you may assume. Your best bet is always a designated driver, or a taxi or Uber/Lyft. Only use this calculator to give you an idea ahead of time of how frighteningly easy it is to end up legally drunk and think of the severe price you'll pay.


Friday Aug. 18th begins our state's largest crackdown on drinking and driving of the year. The "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign runs through Labor Day and more than 400 police agencies across New Jersey are part of this. Zero tolerance will be in play during this crackdown. Extra patrols will be looking for drunk drivers. Sobriety checkpoints will be common. 1 in 5 motor vehicle fatalities in New Jersey are related to alcohol. Don't mess with this. Again, use the calculator only as a rough idea of how easily you can fall into the .08 range even when you think you might be fine. Chances are you're not.

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