PISCATAWAY — A second person in the past five days was attacked by an "aggressive coyote on the Rutgers's Livingston campus on Monday night.

Rutgers Police said the a man's pant leg was bit as he walked on Road 3 near Sutton Lane and parking lot 105. The man, who was not affiliated with the school, had been approached from the rear by the coyote, which quickly ran off.

The individual refused additional medical attention after he was checked over by first-responders who found no physical injuries, police said.

A member of the Rutgers community was bit around 4 a.m. on Thursday while walking through the Rutgers Preserve on the opposite side of the Livingston campus near the Rutgers Athletic Center.

News 12 New Jersey reported that state Fish & Wildlife officials located a coyote's den in the preserve. The agency did not immediately return a message on Tuesday morning.

It wasn't immediately clear from statements made by officials if the two incidents are thought to involve the same coyote. No coyote has yet been captured.

Rutgers police offered some advice on what to do if a coyote is encountered on campus:

  • Do not attempt to remove or disturb the animal or wildlife
  • Tell others to vacate the area if a dangerous animal may still be nearby.
  • If approached by the animal, make yourself as big and loud as possible.
  • Do not turn your back on the animal.

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