Imagine going to a presidential rally even though you know that candidate will not be there but you feel you need to be there. The third "MAGA Drag The Interstate" is planned for this Sunday, November 1. That's where thousands of Donald Trump supporters take to the roads of New Jersey to show their support for their president as he runs for re-election.

The last two drew thousands of people from all over New Jersey. Diane Klein is the Northeast Regional Leader, and she talked to me about it via Twitter.

"We expect that our November 1st event will be bigger than October 3rd," Klein said in a Twitter DM. "The final destination is the Mega MAGA Rally at Veterans Park in Bayville which is being organized by myself and my MAGA Drag the Interstate co-leader, Jenny, in partnership with the Manahawkin Marshalls and Patriots for Freedom."

Klein says those who attend simply want to be heard. As loud as Trump rallies have been, she figures that they will be.

"The one thing that has been consistent at all of our events is that people want their voices heard. The democrats are slowly stripping away our rights, between the endless lockdown policies, requires quarantines for travel out of state, it’s like we are prisoners in the state. Businesses are struggling to survive with no relief in sight, a vote for President Trump is a vote against Murphy’s policies that there is no doubt Biden would implement nationwide."

Klein says she's had a rough time promoting this event on social media.

"I had my Facebook account restricted for promoting the event."

And she didn't even mention Hunter Biden!

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