After two very successful rallies on Sept. 5 and Oct. 3, another "MAGA Drag The Interstate" is scheduled for Oct. 17 throughout the highways and byways of New Jersey. The Northeast Regional Leader, Diane Klein, chatted with me on Twitter to tell me about it.

"Our October 17 event is an extra drag we are doing before our November 1st national event," Klein said in a DM conversation on Twitter. "Most of the meeting locations are the same. We took away one, moved one, and added a couple of locations that we didn’t have on October 3rd."

What Klein loves most about these rallies, she says, are the thousands of people that come together for a common cause.

"The best part of doing these rallies is all of the great people you meet, every day working Americans who love this country and our President."

Klein is surprised by al the Trump supporters she's been seeing in the "blue" state of New Jersey.

"What has been surprising is after the rally when I go to a restaurant, in the very blue area I live in, the number of people who are excited to see my Jeep decorated with Trump flags. So many people are afraid to speak up about their support for President Trump and our rallies make people feel like they’re not alone and can speak up."

Klein thinks Gov. Phil Murphy's restrictions have a lot to do with the support of President Trump.

"The COVID restrictions in New Jersey during the last seven months has turned a lot of people into Trump voters, business owners, workers, and parents with kids who are falling behind because of remote learning."

For more info, contact on them on Twitter: @DianeKleinNJ, @Jennie85695703 and @pbs0033.

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