One of New Jersey's great Italian restaurants is closing after almost 100 years of staying in business. Spirito's in Elizabeth known for it's great ravioli and pizza since it opened in 1932 is listed for sale on several real estate websites, according to

Spirito's was not without recognition. As the article states, it was named the best Italian restaurant in the state by The Daily Meal.

As hard as it is for restaurants to stay in business under optimum conditions, this COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on so many great New Jersey eateries. How can restaurants survive on a 25% capacity?

Now with both the cold weather virtually eliminating outdoor dining and curfews and another possible lockdown crushing the indoor, more great restaurants will probably be closing their doors.

There are of course other reasons restaurants close. But one thing that remains when they do are the great memories of the meals that you had there.

In memory of those restaurants, I asked my audience: If you could get a great meal from a restaurant that's no longer around, what would you want?

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