Wendy's has announced they will be bringing kiosks to their restaurants so that you can place your own order and not have to be at the mercy of the fast food worker behind the counter. Wendy's is yet another business in New Jersey joining Walmart, Home Depot, the Post Office, and Wawa that allows self serve. Why can't the gas stations join the party?

Some will say that the kiosks are due to the fast food workers now asking for fifteen dollars an hour, but I think that business is business and if you're in business you have to do whatever you can to both make money and save money regardless of the situation. It's called progress.

We've heard all the reasons and they've been debunked. I'm not saying you should fire the attendant, what I am saying is that you should give people the option of using a pump where there is now an orange cone. The orange cone does not bring in revenue, the self serve pump will. It's not fair to the owner of the gas station to limit what they can do to make money and expand their business.

As more and more businesses in New Jersey bring in self serve, it's not fair to the gas stations that they're not allowed to be one of them. It's also not fair to the New Jersey resident who votes and pays taxes that they should not be able to enjoy a privilege that 49 other states take advantage of.

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