It's one thing to have a teenager interested in politics.  It's quite another to have a 19 year- old running for office.

We met Cameron Cardinale this morning who we determined is Jill Myra's first cousin, once removed.  Yes, I got distracted and we had an entire conversation about what constitutes cousins, second cousins and the removed tag.

Cameron is an energetic and informed guy who is ready to tackle big issues on the Board of Education in Hamilton. There is so much talk about how apathetic people are today with low voter turnout and a real lack of knowledge on who represents us in government.  Cameron is on a one man crusade to turn that image around.  He's stepped up, put his name in the public square and is doing all the things a candidate needs to do to win.  We're looking forward to following his race and seeing just how a 19-year-old with the right determination and motivation can fare when facing the voters.

Cardinale has an event coming up on Wednesday at Gennaro's Italian Restaurant & Tomato Pies from 6-8pm. You're gonna be impressed with this young man for sure.

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