With the surging popularity of Bernie Sanders and the idea of socialism in general, Americans need a reality check. Over the past several years, we've heard from recent immigrants to this country wonder out loud why any Americans would want to move toward socialism. We need all of our friends from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Moldova, Bulgaria, etc. to have honest, open conversations with Americans about your experiences in your native countries. We especially need you to share you experiences with our young people.

Your opinion carries more weight and more credibility, having seen first hand what an all powerful centralized government and socialism can do to a country and it's people. The idea may seems "fair" and "equal" but it never turns out that way. Even with all of the examples of socialisms failures and trail of misery left in its wake, only someone with your experience can properly teach people what it is really like. It's easier and, many would say more polite, to not get involved in political conversations. But if you have the opportunity, maybe you could just say, "If you have any questions about socialism, you can ask me. I lived through it". Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hvala. Dekuji. Koszonom. Blagodaram. Dziekuje. Dakujem. Multumesc. Aciu. Paldies. Thank you!

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