Imagine this. You are a legal adult. You go on and start chatting with a girl who's 19 years old. You never met her, but things turn steamy and you seem to be hitting it off and she asks you to send naked pictures of yourself. Feeling daring, you do it.

This is exactly what a man from New Jersey did, only to have it turn into a nightmare. Next thing he knows he's being contacted by someone saying he's the girl's father. And that the girl is NOT 19, but an underage girl of 14.

This is designed of course to induce panic. The aim is to make you feel like anything short of a prison sentence will be a lucky day for you. So what does this alleged father say next? He demands money from the guy. Some will fall for this. Some will be so scared of being turned over to the authorities that they'll be talked into this blackmail. The would-be victim in question was not that easily rattled. He smelled a scam and contacted authorities himself.

Think about it. Would any father of an underage girl who was sent naked photos of a grown man opt for money over calling the cops? Of course not. Which is why when police intervened and tried repeatedly to contact this "father" contact could not be made.

Not so lucky was a victim a few weeks prior who fell for this same scam. Sent naked pics of himself. Outraged "father" calls, demands money. The unidentified victim in that incident sent $1,000 via Western Union. It wasn't going to end there. Next someone pretending to be an attorney for the family called the victim, no doubt wanting more. It was at that point he went to the police and was told he had been scammed.

While it is not a crime for an adult to send nude pics of themselves to another adult willing to receive them, it isn't bright if you have never even met the person. Have these guys never heard of MTV's "Catfish"? New Jersey seems to be the land of scams and if you're on dating sites you'd better be aware of this new one.

-Jeff Deminski

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