I take great pride in my Thanksgiving dinner and the sides that go with the center piece of the dinner, the turkey. On my page you can also see my recipes for sides that will add great flavor and diversity to your Thanksgiving table.

Zippia.com put a poll together using Google trends to go state by state to find each state’s favorite side. No surprise to me mashed potatoes was the favorite in ten states but right behind it was mac and cheese. That surprises me, as I wouldn’t consider that as part of my Thanksgiving dinner. If you go down to Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and through the Carolina’s they all listed mac and cheese as their favorite side.

Another surprise to me is the number of states that list green bean casserole as their favorite side on Thanksgiving but get a load of this, Idaho the home of the potato listed green bean casserole as their favorite! How is that? Are they tired of eating all those potatoes during the rest of the year? Is it because they harvest millions of pounds for everyone else to enjoy that they are potatoed out? Something to ponder.

Here’s another one, in Indiana their favorite Thanksgiving side is deviled eggs! Deviled eggs! Now I like deviled eggs but as your favorite side for Thanksgiving? What the heck is that all about? Maine likes a side salad as their favorite. At my table we don’t have room for a side salad.

Some states put rolls and biscuits as their favorite side. That tells me they’re not good cooks! Louisiana had corned bread stuffing, now that makes sense due to the area and history of their cooking.

It's interesting to see how each state loves their sides. Here in New Jersey we love our stuffing, yes we do, it's Jersey’s favorite Thanksgiving side.

Some states call stuffing dressing, that is okay just enjoy it. What makes Thanksgiving so special is that it is a cornucopia of great tastes and dishes to sample and enjoy. I hope you have a chance to enjoy a great Thanksgiving with lots of sides but more importantly family and friends. I am. Check back soon for more Thanksgiving recipes from me on the New Jersey 101.5 website.

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