As a practicing Catholic, Easter is a much anticipated holiday. Mainly because it's the end of whatever sacrifice I made during Lent. This year I gave up bread. And I love bread. My wife Jodi and I could make a meal with a French baguette, hunk of cheese and some olive oil. I've been thinking about that first bite for 40 days now and it's almost here. Actually, I'm thinking about bread so much that it is entering my normal conversations regularly. Some people called me out for my description of France on the air Thursday...

Since Easter is not yet here, my friend Cara DiFalco stopped by the studio to share a family tradition. Spinach Torta! It's a delicious appetizer that will surely be on the DiFalco family table this coming Sunday. I can tell you, it went fast.

Thanks to Cara and congratulations on your Emmy nomination for Cara's Cucina!

If you're looking to make some of Cara's famous Spinach Torta for your holiday gathering, you can find the recipe HERE on Cara's blog or you can watch her prepare the dish on her YouTube channel:

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