I'm not the biggest football fan in the world, but I would never miss an Eagles-Giants game. It's a great division and north/south Jersey rivalry. I watch other Eagles games and an occasional game or two with other teams, but not any more.

President Donald Trump didn't make things any better (actually made it worse) with his immature ramblings the other night in Alabama. He said the owners should "fire the sons of bitches" if they take a knee during the national anthem.

A lot of people agree and I feel the owners should take a tougher stand, but this situation requires far more finesse than that coming from a President of the United States. Those of us hoping that he would develop that kind of tact realize it ain't gonna happen. The players, starting with Colin Kaepernick, are basing their protest on a totally false narrative driven by the media and certain politicians and public figures.

Until an adult enters the room and explains that the statistics don't back up their claims, this nonsense will continue. The figures don't lie, but the perception has already been cemented in the minds of so many people, that it would take a truly trusted and popular, preferably black figure, to convince some people of the truth. Funny, in today's world the truth needs to be sold and it's not so self-evident.

President Obama could have been that person, but he either lacked the courage or conviction to do so. He was uniquely qualified to unite the country, but instead, sadly, did just enough to divide the county more than it's been in generations. So neither President has helped and the truth doesn't seem to matter.

Is there prejudice and racism in this country? Absolutely! In and from all directions! The media and certain high profile figures have whipped everyone up into a frenzy and the truth is buried in a constant barrage of oversensitivity and victimhood.

My truth is I can't watch NFL football anymore. I also won't watch Jimmy Kimmel or Ellen either. Both of whom I liked up until this past week. If you're going to use your popularity and position to proselytize and lie or misrepresent the facts, then I'm not going to add to your popularity and considerable fortune.

It's your fame and fortune that caused you to be so out of touch. That goes for many professional athletes, Ellen, Kimmel and so many more. I'm sick and tired of it and I know I'm not alone in saying, I'm done!

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