I wish I could tell you I had more information about this. But someone who cuts my kid's hair recently told me that one of her customer's school district is doing something genius. It's about back to school supplies.

Every year we beleaguered parents are given long lists of very specific items (no, NOT the 2 x 3 post it notes, the 2 and 1/4 by 3 and 7/8 fuchsia colored only post it notes!!!) that we have to scour stores for at risk of a panic attack. It's expensive, it's more specific each passing year, and it's the bane of many parents' late summer.

I was told there's at least one district in New Jersey solving this problem by buying everything their students need, in bulk to save money, and forming it into kits for each student. All the parent has to do is then come to the school, pay for the kit, and bring it home. That's it. You're done. You're paying less because the school buying in bulk saves big money. You're saving time. The teachers will be certain of the students having exactly what they want for their particular classrooms. It seems like a win win for everyone.

Why aren't all New Jersey districts doing this? I think it's genius and truly can find no downside. My apologies that I don't have the information as to which district is doing this. The salon owner who told me didn't know. But whoever started this is brilliant and I hope all schools eventually follow suit. It would make back to school time so much better!

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