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Airbnb is here to stay. Not only is the hospitality service company booming in New Jersey, it continues to see worldwide growth, with more than 4 million listings. The home-away-from-home service though is not for everyone, with many leisure and business travelers still preferring to stay at traditional hotel chains.

In this episode of Forever 39, we discuss the disadvantage and advantages of both Airbnbs and hotels. What's your preference? It could depend on the type of traveler you are.

If you're someone who likes to mix and mingle with other tourists, Airbnbs might not be the best option since they typically tend to be located in neighborhoods that aren't necessarily tourist attractions. If you like staying in places that are a bit off the beaten path though, an Airbnb could be perfect for you.

A lot can also depend on your budget.

According to a blog by McCool Travel, Airbnbs typically offer more bang for their buck with more space, a washer and dryer and a kitchen — all things most traditional hotels don't offer to their customers. And if you're really looking for some extra amenities, some Airbnbs come equipped with private pools, entertainment rooms and free parking. That's a lot of bang for your budget.

If safety is a concern, you're probably better off at a hotel, according to a list on After all, you are staying in a stranger's home when you book an Airbnb for the week. That's definitely not something some travelers will do, especially those who are traveling solo.

Another advantage hotels have is consistency, according to the list. You might not get room service at your Airbnb, but it's a level of service that's pretty standard at most hotels.

So whatever you decide, the most important factor is that the property is the right choice for you. Click here to check out a list of advantages and disadvantages of both Airbnbs and hotels.

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— Annette and Megan, Forever 39

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