Organizers estimate 1,000 people "Dragged the Highway" Saturday in a grassroots rally for President Donald Trump.

"MAGA Drag The Highway" Northeast regional leader Diane Klein messaged me on Twitter and said, "The day was so incredible from start to finish."

Klein went on to say:

"As I made my way over to the Clark location, where we were invited by Mayor Sal Bonaccorso with my flags on my Jeep, people were honking and giving me thumbs up the whole way. I arrived at our Clark location around 12:20 p.m., the entire parking lot was full and people were parking on the streets and people were still showing up."

Then the ride began.

"We started our 'Ride For 45' around 12:35 p.m., the first vehicles were almost at the Driscoll Bridge when the last vehicle got on the Parkway. On our way down the parkway, we were listening to New Jersey 101.5 and heard that there’s a large caravan of Trump supporters heading south on the Parkway."

, "When we got to the Boatyard in Manahawkin the caravan coming from Clark arrived at the same time as our caravan that started in Hammonton and Tabernacle. It took 45 minutes for all of the vehicles to get into the Boatyard."

Of course, concern about President Trump's positive COVID-19 test played a part in the day's event:

'We are all concerned about President Trump’s positive COVID-19 result and are all praying that he makes a speedy recovery. I know he’s strong and that he can beat this. I felt as though this ride was even more significant in that we were all there to show our love and support for our president and our country."

Klein said the caravan was not received well by the non-Trump fans.

"I’ve never seen anything like this in my life, certainly not for a political candidate. As we drove down the Parkway there were people who gave us the finger including one woman who was screaming 'f**k you' at every vehicle in our caravan and barely had a voice by the time she got to us in the front of the caravan."

She said she was the exception, not the norm.

"For every one of her, there were 25 who were honking, giving us thumbs up and a few who were taking video. As we passed the Forked River Rest Area there was a group of people with Trump signs cheering us on."

"If you look around New Jersey your odds of finding the Jersey Devil are better than finding a vehicle with a Biden bumper sticker. From Clark we had a caravan of vehicles that stretched for miles, it’s obvious who is going to win this election".

If that happens and Trump wins, perhaps the next rally could be a "victory lap."

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