If you're looking hit the road and show your support for President Donald Trump, you might want to try the second "MAGA Drag the Interstate" rally in New Jersey. which will take place Saturday, Oct. 3 in various locations throughout the Garden State.

Diane Klein, the Northeast regional leader, is one of the organizers. She messaged me on Twitter with the history of this grassroots all-volunteer event.

"MAGA Drag the Interstate was started by a USAF veteran and former law enforcement officer in Texas who got people together to drive around in their cars decorated with flags in support of our country, President Trump, our Military and law enforcement," Klein told me in our Twitter exchange. "The rallies got bigger and bigger and he took his idea took it national."

She went on to say: "Our upcoming rally on Oct. 3 has seven meeting locations and will have two separate caravans that will go to a final destination. (Hammonton and Tabernacle are one caravan, Monmouth Rest Area and Rockaway Mall will be meeting at Cheesequake to then all go on to Clark from which point we will go to a final destination)."

The last MAGA Drag the Interstate event was Sept. 5.

"After our Sept. 5th rally I reached out to someone who was involved in the boat parades to find out if they would be doing any more and if we could coordinate with them to do something epic and have our caravan go over the bridge as the boat parade was going under the bridge," she said. "Unfortunately they’re not doing another one this year, but wanted to be involved in the MAGA Drag."

She says there will be social distancing among the cars.

"This is is a car rally, everyone will be in their personal vehicle, so 2 car lengths between vehicles is the rule of thumb," she said.

So why is Klein "going the distance" for President Trump?

"No other President has done more for working people and families by lowering taxes and bringing back manufacturing jobs by ending the one-sided trade agreements and bad policies of past administrations," Klein told me.

She went on to say: "This is the most important election in my lifetime. I’m doing this because I love this country and to support President Trump, our military, and law enforcement."

For more info, contact on them on Twitter: @DianeKleinNJ, @Jennie85695703 and @pbs0033.

A headline on an  earlier version of this post misstated the date of the rally.

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