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This obscure website decided to run a Top 10 list of cities in New Jersey that are 'white trash'. Before we get to the how, let's look at the why. On their about us section, they say "our goal is to show you the real side of places that not everyone wants to hear. We use data to create bite-sized snacks of shareable information about places and cities across the country." Okay, then what's the how regarding that data? They looked at cities where there are lots of white people, cities where residents are poorer than average, have a high number of high school dropouts, high drug use, high number of residents on welfare, and so on.

Now I don't mind using the term white trash when it's stuff being joked about, like people letting their kid run around the front yard in diapers, or an adult sitting in a kiddie pool drinking a beer, or Kid Rock. But when you're using the term in a serious way and basing it on poverty and drug addiction, I think that's sad.

What did they come up with to disparage ten of our New Jersey towns? Here's their top ten and a little of what awful things they said about us.

10. Bayonne

Where high class white trash live. Pink Crocs, feathered mullets, jorts, and beer guts galore.

9. Keyport

You need to be careful what you say in Monmouth County because someone might come over and pop the wheels on your house. (Really? I thought this was a snotty list of towns. Now you're taking an unfair swipe at the entire county?)

8. Phillipsburg

Nothing says white trash like a good 'ol ass whoopin at a Walmart.

7. Vineland

If you live in Cumberland County there's a good chance you're makin' meth. (Wow, again going after a whole county. Just shows their claim of using data to back up this ignorant list is a farce.)

6. Wildwood

Break out the PBR, suck down another can of squirt cheese, put your cig out in the sand.

5. Sayreville

A lot of your trash must be getting into fist fights at your local Dollar Store when it's 50% day, because you are 3rd for aggravated assaults.

4. Millville

If you and your kid moved in with someone after just two dates, than you might be from Millville, AKA Meth-ville. (Yes, they wrote than instead of then. And they're calling YOU white trash.)

3. Garfield

You know you’re from Bergen County if you’re hangin’ with your hick click at the local bowling alley and you send your best friend to get cigs and he calls 30 minutes later to tell you he got arrested with a sack of weed after running a stop light. (Once again, you want to denounce Garfield and you take it to the entire county. Bergen County no less. Bergen County, one of the wealthiest counties not only in New Jersey but in all of the United States. Just goes to show whoever wrote this crap made it up as they went along.)

2. Gloucester City

If you’re a dead-beat dad named Rick who snorts Tylenol because he can’t afford adderall, and you moved to Camden with your sister’s best friend, you might be from G-town. (They're talking about people being white trash yet they're too dumb to know Adderall is supposed to be capitalized.

1. Keansburg

Toss back a Natty Light and suck down another Camel. Many of the folks in Keansburg smell of cheap cigarettes and meth.

If you want to read their entire pile of dung which passes itself of as infotainment, you can read the entire article here.

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