Going out to the movies has been a thing of the past since mid-March thanks to the virus. Many film companies suspended production and their release of any new movies. Some film industry executives said that going to the movies may never fully recover after the virus has gone, that is until now!

My good friend Denis Gallagher who is chairman of Bold Entertainment based in Charleston, SC backed a new movie called This Is The Year, a terrific, feel good movie that your kids will like and stars David Henrie, who also takes on the role of director and writer.

David has assembled a great cast of young actors who fill the screen with enjoyable and captivating performances and he’s added comedian and actor Jeff Garland, who you know from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The music in the film is awesome which features hits from lovelytheband, with songs from Jeremy Fisher, Lizzy Farral and others. David Henrie has pulled out all the stops and engaged his good friend Selena Gomez, who he starred with on the Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place. Selena jumped on as executive producer.

There was a part in the movie that called for a radio host and my friend Denis said read for it. It’s a couple of lines and I'm very honored to say that I’ll be in the movie. Plus I'll be kicking off the night of the virtual premiere with a fun pre-show party.

Be ready to tune in virtually and join me August 28, for this first-of-a-kind premiere with lots of great celebrity guests, social media personalities and musical performances. More on that to come, so check back here next week.

You can find out more or purchase your tickets to the virtual premiere at: thisistheyear.film. It's going to be a great night!

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