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Written by: Jay Black

This week's episode is like "Serial" except instead of a suspicious murder, have a suspicious location share (and a wonderful guest with Barstool Sports's Francis Ellis).

During this week's episode, it was revealed that Francis "accidentally" shared his location with Jessica Nutt during the text exchange setting up his interview.

Jessica and I both figured this was some sort of flirting attempt (hey, look, here's an attractive, successful, single dude, and he's *close by* -- YOU DO THIS MATH!), but Francis, with Bill's backing, said that it was just an accident.

At first, I just figured this was Bill and Francis having "attractive person" solidarity with each other, but after the episode, my wife showed me how easy it is to accidentally share your location and told me that she's done it with her sister several times.

So it's plausible that the location share was accidental, but do YOU buy it? Listen to the episode and post your location sharing theory below!

And you should listen besides that, anyway. Francis Ellis is a hilarious comedian and podcaster and has an inside seat on one of the internet's fastest growing media empires: Barstool Sports. He's a fascinating guest and you won't want to miss it!

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As always, thanks for listening!

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