👊 NJ gang attacks on the rise here’s how to stop it
👊 Many of these assaults pop up on social media
👊 A NJ lawmaker says victim terror is a serious concern

Have you noticed?

There has been an uptick in gang assaults by multiple people against a lone individual in New Jersey, and the fights frequently get posted on social media.

One lawmaker believes the time has come to stop this nonsense.

State Senator Jon Bramnick, R-Union, wants to make any attack by two or more people in New Jersey a crime of aggravated assault instead of simple assault, even if the victim is not seriously injured.

Cracking down on big shots

Bramnick said this is necessary due to the state's current law on the matter.

"Simple assault is almost nothing, I mean it’s like if I push you that’s a simple assault, but aggravated assault, the person might face jail time, it’s a felony," Bramnick said.

Bramnick said if a mob goes after somebody, it can be terrifying and that needs to be factored in here.

“These cowards, and that’s why I call it fair fight legislation, yeah, 10 against one, guess what big shot, we’re going to make sure you go to jail.”

The law needs to go beyond the injuries sustained by the victim.

“I don’t think we should concentrate on the injury solely, we should also concentrate on the number of attackers and the fear that the citizen went through,” Bramnick said.

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We need this change in the law he says

Bramnick said unfortunately this kind of a measure is necessary in the Garden State now.

“I think as the society becomes more violent we have to react accordingly with more serious penalties for gang attacks.”

Bramnick added this kind of a change in the law will send a very clear signal.

“I’m looking at the bigger picture here to send a message to gangs that, you want to be a gang, you want to be a coward, you’re going to jail.”

The New Jersey Office of Legislative Services is currently drafting the legislation.

Bramnick said when it’s completed and formally introduced, he looks forward to bipartisan support and moving the bill quickly through committee.

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