The Morris County Sheriff's Office, in cooperation with local police in the county, have unveiled a new app for anonymously reporting threats to school safety.

Sheriff James Gannon explains the purpose of RSVP-3 Morris County "is to counteract violence, intercept any school threat, report any harassment or intimidation and/or bullying and offer a connection and a line of support for students, parents educators and community members."

"The world has changed, whether it's schools or houses of worship or the business community. We believe that we have been moving this in the right direction with a couple of different programs, the latest being RSVP-3."

Gannon said his office, county police chiefs and others involved in anti-crime efforts put their heads together to create the app.

The RSVP stands for Responsible School Violence Prevention, Preparation, Protection.

"It enables law enforcement, educational and mental health partners, students, parents and community members to connect, discover and anonymously report any act that negatively affects, threatens or harasses, another friend, a family, a community member or a school," he said.

The app can be downloaded to any phone and used to anonymously report anything in school deemed suspicious,

CrimeStoppers Morris County provided $15,500 to develop the app.

Joe Cutter is the senior news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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