The B-52s are considered one of the more influential new wave bands of the 1980s and one of their founding members, Kate Pierson, was born on April 27th, 1948 in Weehawken as Katherine Elizabeth Pierson. She grew up in Rutherford.

In the late 70s she met up with the other members of what would become the B-52s in a Chinese restaurant in Athens, GA. After a few drinks they put on an impromptu performance and a band was born. Read their full bio here.

Their first commercial album spawned their first hit, “Rock Lobster” in 1980. Their two biggest hits came in 1989 with “Love Shack” and “Roam." Their final top-40 hit was their version of “Meet the Flintstones” theme from the 1994 movie.

The band still tours (coronavirus permitting) and, according to their website “the B-52s show no signs of slowing down, serving up their unique blend of music and showmanship to millions of fans around the world.” According to, Pierson also owns a lodge in the Catskills that she runs it with her spouse/business partner, Monica Coleman.