As a big fan of the now concluded Showtime series "Episodes," I couldn't help thinking what a great Christmas "episode" last night's live "A Christmas Story" on Fox could have been with Matt LeBlanc playing Ralphie as an adult!

"Episodes," if you haven't seen it, is about a happily married couple Sean (Stephen Mangan) and Beverly (Tamsin Greig) Lincoln who are persuaded to move their award winning British sitcom about a boys boarding school with a stodgy old head master to America where the network starts to make changes and pressures the couple into making it about a hockey team and casting Matt LeBlanc in the lead role.

I could see the meeting where the idea comes up and Sean and Beverly go crazy as they have to rewrite another classic to fit their new best "Friend." I guarantee it would have been much funnier than what we saw on Sunday.

I never got why people feel classics need to be remade. I tweeted that last night's show could force more people to forgo watching the 24 hour movie loop that TNT will air on Christmas Eve and spend time with their families, but instead, it may drive them back to the movie just to erase the memory.

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