By now you had to have seen one — for some of you it probably seems like you’ve seen one million.

Spotted lanternflies have made their mark this summer, worse than Bennies at the Jersey Shore. Though unlike those seasonal visitors, they do nothing to boost the economy, they’re just nuisances.

So what should you do if you see one?

Don’t ignore it!

Sure, these things look pretty, but they're a real problem and you’re urged to kill them to protect our environment.

Now we can’t all be the NJ teen who killed over a thousand lanternflies in two weeks, but we can do our part.

Be sure to report the bug using this reporting tool.

8 ways to battle the spotted lanternfly in NJ

Added bonus: please enjoy this video of a New Jerseyan who shared his kills with a salt gun in slow motion to the New Jersey subreddit:

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