When a New Jersey resident nicknamed named “homicide” was convicted of the crime of—well— homicide, we thought it would be fun to explore whether or not nicknaming people is still a thing. Grape Street Crips gang member Khalil Stafford, was sentenced to life in federal prison on Thursday. Did his nickname become a self fulfilling prophecy? We wanted to know.

Over 35 we know plenty of people with nicknames but we weren’t sure if people in this generation still gave their friends nicknames. It’s an interesting question that we have never explored on the Dennis and Judy show before. We also asked how the nicknames came about and if the nicknames became self fulfilling prophecies, as in the case of the aforementioned, unfortunately nicknamed, “Homicide.”

Now, while it’s true that there are people with nicknames all over this country, we think that the Jersey attitude just adds a little something that makes our nicknames truly unique. Here’s what our listeners are nicknamed.

“Hefty Bag”

Felix, from North Plainfield was apparently a real chubbster in high school who decided to put on one of those sauna suits during gym class. These were big back in the '70s and would purportedly cause you to sweat so much that you would lose more weight. The only problem? They were made of black shiny nylon. Hence, the name


A guy who was unfortunately named Bill Murray wasn’t the famous Bill Murray. He got a little tired of the “Hey is it Groundhog Day again?” and “Are you a ghostbuster?” jokes, so somebody was kind enough to use his first initial and the first syllable of his name to create a new better and cooler sounding nickname.


Bill in Cookstown called to say that his name originated when guys, being guys, started calling him by his last name, as guys do. They got tired of pronouncing his complicated, hyphenated last name. The solution? Just “Dash” referring to the hyphen between the two names. So much easier. No muss, no fuss.


A perfect nickname for a caller who admits that he was a big oafish klutz who always seemed to be in the way


At 6 foot two and 165 pounds in high school, this guy not only looked like a wire, but wrestled like one too, wrapping his arms and legs around his opponent in quite the wiry way.


A listener named Brian wasn’t necessarily proud of the nickname that he acquired after knocking a guy out in front of his friends.

“Marky Maypo”

You’d have to remember the old breakfast cereal called Maypo, and the cute kid on the box to get this one but apparently a listener named Mark was a dead ringer for the adorable little maypo kid.

“Big daddy”

Last but certainly not least, Bill in Bayonne called to say that he earned the nickname big daddy after a bachelor party. We thought the origin of the name was better left unsaid. Especially on-air. Need we say more?

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