The dumbest ticket you could ever get while driving: is the dreaded license plate frame ticket. New Jersey gives out millions of dollars worth of these tickets a year. What it basically amounts to is this: that little metal frame that surrounds your license plate can supposedly “obscure” the actual numbers on your tag.

Of course we all know the frame doesn’t really obscure anything, but it’s a great way for New Jersey to keep on raking in the big bucks at the expense of law abiding citizens. It got us thinking that if you’re pulled over for that infraction, it’s not like being pulled over for speeding.

When the cop pulls you over and he asks the inevitable question “do you know why I am pulling you over?” You’re going to be stumped. What if we turned around and answered that question back in a very Jersey way? Here are some suggestions, although any self respecting person can come up with his or her own!

When asked "do you know why I pulled you over?" You could answer:

  1. ”Do YOU know why you pulled me over?”
  2. ”Does a mere man really KNOW anything for certain?”
  3. ”Do you know the way to San José?”
  4. ”These are the queries that try men’s souls.”
  5. ”I do, but I’m not telling you.”
  6. ”Officer, you fell right into my trap. I actually just pulled YOU over.”
  7. ”If you don’t know, how did you possibly pass police school?”

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