Imagine you're shopping at your local Walmart and all of a sudden you see a 6 foot robot whizzing past you in the aisle. Don't ask it for help finding the toy section because it has its own mission. In California, Pennsylvania and Arkansas and eventually 50 other testing sites, Walmart has hired these robots. It scans shelves faster than a human can and will report stocking mistakes to flesh and blood co-workers to fix the problems. Jeremy King is Walmart's chief technology office and says these robots are 50 percent more productive than humans and three times faster.

As efficient as these wired beasts are King says they won't be replacing employees. That's what they say, but isn't it just a matter of time? No word yet on whether any Jersey locations will be testing out these robots. In a land where most don't even like the thought of pumping their own gas maybe people here would like to have a robot take over.

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