Let me start off by saying this: I was born and raised a Jersey boy. lived here my entire life. I primarily spent the majority of my life in North Jersey in Hoboken, West New York, Clifton and Belleville. Growing up, when I heard South Jersey, I assumed that was anything past Great Adventure or Asbury Park. I had no frame of reference what South Jersey really was.

When I started working at NJ101.5 I got a greater appreciation for more parts of the state from hearing callers discuss the towns where they live or when we had station events in various towns in the southern part of the state.

Until recently though, I had never been as far south as Salem County in the Garden State and it was a real eye opener for me. It's hard to believe that the state can be so completely different from the northern to the southern end.

When I was driving through Salem County, I noticed some sights that just happened to catch my eye. Using my northern roots as my guide, I found some of these things to be just a bit odd. The pictures I took were all of things that I could never picture seeing in North Jersey.

Check out the gallery above and let me know if you think these things are absolutely normal or if you're like mike a found them to be a bit off. Tweet at us NJ1015 or at me SwendemanRadio .

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