Yet another summer has flown by, and I am sure you are all dreading all of the incoming fall pieces just as much as I dread making them.

I’m not ready to start typing recipes for pumpkin spice drinks and desserts. I want to extend summer for as long as I can. Summer is the best time of the year and I’m never quite ready to let it go.

As a result of this, I have decided to make a list of things to do to make the most out of this last weeks of summer.

Let’s face it, you didn’t get to do half the things you wanted to do this summer.

If you start really quickly you can get in all of these five activities before Labor Day. They can be done alone, with a friend, family or anyone else you have in mind.

  • 1

    Rooftop dinner

    Rooftop dining is always more fun in the summer, and there is nothing better than watching the sunset with a drink in hand and delicious food around the table. Some of NJ’s most notable spots are City Bistro, Rooftop at Exchange Place, Porta, Skinners loft, but there are a ton more.

  • 2

    Sunflower/Fruit picking

    New Jersey is the garden state for a reason, so we might as well take advantage. There are endless places to pick blueberries, peaches, sunflowers and other types of plants and the summer is definitely the best time to check them out.

  • 3

    Go in the ocean

    This one may sound silly, but I feel like half the time I am at the beach or by the pool I never go into the water. It’s such a great feeling to be swimming in the ocean with not a care in the world, and I definitely take it for granted too often. People, especially those who live at the shore, tend to take the ocean for granted. Labor Day rolls around and you realize you haven’t put your toes in all summer. Do it now while you still have time.

  • 4

    Attend a show or performance

    So many local theaters have started up again this summer and are putting on amazing productions! Attendance to these shows is at an all time low due to concerns with COVID, however, if you are vaccinated and feel safe to go you should support your local actors and actresses. I always check my neighborhood Patch to see if anything exciting is going on.

  • 5

    Make a Zine

    I remember making my kids making Zines in high school and it was one of the most fun and creative things to do. But if you’ve never done it, you need to try it. No matter your age, it’s a fun thing to do. If you’re not sure how to do it or even what a Zine is, here's a crash course. It’s way more fun than a scrapbook! You can make one about anything you want and then deliver them to friends' mailboxes. Did you take an amazing trip with someone this summer and want to remember it forever? Make a Zine!

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