We all know that there are people in New Jersey who do not understand the difference between their kids and their pets. And we usually give a pass to people who have no kids because — well obviously, they would not know the difference!

But there are many people who take it too far and spoil their pets to the point where it borders on cuckoo-for-cocoapuffs. Can they actually distinguish their pets from human beings?

From fancy pet vacations to four post pet beds, here are some of the things New Jerseyans do to put their animals on a “pet-astal”. See what i did there?

Their own bedroom I don’t mean a little corner of the laundry room. I’m talking about A. Bedroom. As in, “We live in a two bedroom. One for John and Me, and one for Rover.”

  • Gifts: Birthday, Valentines Day, Easter, Christmas, you name it, fluffy gets a Hallmark card. Not to read, to chew. But, still...
  • DNA test: Yes, just like Ancestry or 23 & Me. Except instead of you being bummed that you’re not Native American like you always thought, you can be bummed that your dog is 18% terrier when you thought he was a purebred.
  • Legal joint custody: Yup, custody isn’t just for humans anymore. Now your divorce agreement provides for picking up and dropping off spot every other weekend (two sets of toys and clothes required).
  • Fancy foods: How bout driving 60 miles each way to pick up raw goats milk for your fussy feline or serving a raw 23-veggie paté because spike gets allergies? I wouldn’t even do that for my human kids.

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