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1) Do you buy the news of the flu epidemic as hype or real? It's gettin' kinda' hectic!

2) How much have you gotten dinged with the new taxes…which you pay 6.2 percent of your paycheck to the Social Security fund instead of 4.2 percent?

3) Do you feel the Sandy Hook Elementary School should be allowed to reopen…or should it be demolished?


4) Where do you find the worst road in New Jersey, and do you believe the Pulaski Skyway is the worst….it’ll close for 2 years to NY-Bound Drivers for Years.

5) A state appeals court upheld the firing of the Paterson teacher who posted on Facebook that she felt like a warden for future criminals….do you feel the firing was justified?

6) At what age did you you’re your first drink…and what was the first thing you drank? Turns out there’s a binge drinking problem among teens in Hunterdon County.

7) Have you ever, in any way, altered, or to use the vernacular, douched anyone’s food, or have you ever have your food altered? A Branchburg man is suing the Copper Hill Country Club after a couple of its members gave him a pot brownie which gave him an adverse reaction.

8) Do you trust sleep aids like Ambien…and have they ever messed you up; because now the FDA is saying that you take lower doses for Ambien and things like that.

9) Some debate over whether or not a State patrolman should have “euthanized” a bear cub that had been hit by a car on Route 80. Do you see any problem with that?

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