🚍No students were injured in either crash

🚍The driver of a truck in the Turnpike crash suffered minor injuries

🚍It was not known what school the students attend

School buses with students on board were involved in two crashes on Wednesday, including one on the New Jersey Turnpike.

The driver of a dump truck suffered minor injuries when it was rear-ended by a school bus on the southbound New Jersey Turnpike between Exit 5 (Burlington/Mt. Holly) and Exit 4 (Route 73) around 2:40 p.m., according to State Police Detective Jeffrey Lebron. The bus was carrying six students but Lebron did not disclose what school they were from.

The crash closed a caused a 3-mile delay on the southbound Turnpike.

Poorly planned left turn

Video posted by The Lakewood Scoop captured the moment an SUV made a left turn onto New Egypt Road near Hillside Boulevard and was hit by an oncoming car at 7:48 a.m.

The impact pushed the SUV into the path of the school bus while the striking car bounced off a vehicle parked along the road.

Lakewood police Capt. Greg Staffordsmith said there were students on board but none were injured. He did not know how many students or what school they attend.

SUV damaged by a school bus on New Egypt Road in Lakewood 2/21/24
SUV damaged by a school bus on New Egypt Road in Lakewood 2/21/24 (The Lakewood Scoop)

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