We had a special honoree join me on the air for this #BlueFriday.

For the first time since we rolled out the honor for NJ members of law enforcement, we recognized a retired Irvington Police Officer.

Officer Ken Hogan was shot at 19 times by a drug suspect in 1994. The shooter shot through his police cruiser striking him four times. Officer Hogan recounted the ordeal in detail as he described the fourth bullet striking him in the head, One of the most impactful moments was when I asked him about the shooter. Ken gave a very sincere and heartfelt response about the shooter believing that he had killed a police officer, took his own life right there on the spot. Ken said he forgives him and prays for his soul.

It's an incredible story that really demonstrates just how much of a hero this officer is. Incredibly, after two years of pain and recovery, he went back on the job. Very proud to have been able to honor Officer Ken Hogan today.

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