Now the Flyers have taken down the statue of Kate Smith amid allegations of racism in some songs that she sang throughout her career — which spanned 5 decades and over 3000 songs, including "God Bless America," which the team plays for inspiration. Smith also holds the Presidential Medal of Freedom and among her many accomplishments has also raised more money for the troops in World War II than any other woman.

So if you're going to take down the statue, what would you replace it with?  Here are some of your suggestions:

Larry Guinther - "Kate Smith

Rick Smith - "Meek mill just to see philly lose their minds"

Victor Chug - "Mangeney the Cowardly Lion"

Anthony Tursi - "Big E after he got Ko from Stevens"

Jason Sklar - "Lee Gene Hart. Surprised they dont already have one"

Justin Morris - "Officer daniel faulkner"

Dan Hopman - "A bigger statue of Kate Smith"

Howard Popper - "Dave Schultz!"

Marc Slavitt - "Fred Shero"

Rocco Frisoli - "A jellyfish... or something else that has no spine."

Chuck Trogdon - "Elvis"

Brian DJwheels Nelson - "Joe Paterno"

Bob Hutson - "Donald Trump"

Perry Wolfe - "Jesus Christ"

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