TRENTON — Police arrested 19 people in a prostitution sweep this week.

Police spokesman Lt. Stephen Varn said the Street Crimes Unit made the arrests between 4 p.m. Thursday and midnight in the area of South Clinton and Hamilton avenues.

The women, all from Trenton are Tyra Saunders, 31; Vanessa Watkins, 30; Jennifer Weisneck, 28; Erika McGuire, 25; Heather Swick, 32; Ashley Swanson, 20; Migdalia Santiago, 42; Carmen Rivera, 35; Tracey Rhodes, 33; Ann Fink, 45; and Lanier Beale, 44.

The men arrested were Pablo Puma, 28; Mario Contreras, 45; Jhonny Pena, 38; Nieves Hernandez, 24; Fernando Lara, 63; Lorenzo Cruz, 34; Efrain Caldente, 28; and Jose Laboy, 43. All are from Trenton except Pena, who is from Philadelphia.

Detective Capt. Donald Fillinger, Detective Lt. Christopher Doyle and Detective Sgt. Brian Cipolloni led the operation Trenton Police.

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