Years ago, when the world was a little more sane, there was a comedy routine by the late comedian George Carlin, called "7 Dirty Words".

Disclaimer: The following clip contains explicit language.

They're generally the words you couldn't say on the air. Fast forward to today. There are entire topics you can't even discuss openly without being accused of being a hateful, heartless, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, racist creep.

Last week we talked about the seven great New Jersey companies that made the top 100 list of "Best Companies for Working Moms." What if you're not a working mom? Is that a great company for you or are you gonna get stuck doing extra work? That's one!

So I thought of a list of the topics you can't even bring up for fear of being labeled horrible for even discussing today.

1. Business catering to "working moms."

2. Anything to do with sexual preference/transgenders.

3. Having an opinion on limited immigration.

4. Offering your view on radical, Islamic terrorism.

5. Public pensions and benefits (especially in New Jersey)

6. Special rules for kids with peanut allergies.

7. Limiting where service animals can be in public.

8. Special needs expenditures in public schools.

9. Public school spending.

10. Honest debate on race relations.

11. Animal rights issues and hunting.

I'm sure I've left off one or two that have gotten you in trouble. For sure, I will even get heat from some people for even making this list! We live in such an upside down, politically correct world that there are people whose hobby and passion it is to get offended. How we got here and how to we get past it is a puzzle, but I sure as f--k hope we get there soon!

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