Remember all the time you spent thinking of the perfect excuse for calling in sick? Now it no longer matters why you take off. More companies are going with giving you a set number of days that you can use however you want. But just in case you ever need them, here's a list of 10 excuses for calling in sick from my listeners and social media.

  1. Paula — "Not mine, but a coworker from years ago said she 'had the runs.' Then she was spotted driving around, 'running and doing this and that.'" LOL!
  2. Jamie — "A co-worker was banging his hot red headed supervisor. They eventually figured out she was calling out the same days as him lol."
  3. Scott — "Russian paratroopers."
  4. Heather — "This was NOT my excuse but best I ever heard was... 'had a one night stand, he won't leave.'"
  5. Ric — "Last episode of Cheers."
  6. Scott — "Phillies world series parade day: I have Phillies phever."
  7. Steve — "I've fallen and I can't get up!"
  8. Greg — "Bruce played in Philly last night, didn't get home till 3am."
  9. Lloyd — "Pink eye... it was going around... easy sell."
  10. Steve — "I'm callin' in well because you'd have to be sick to work in that dump!"

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