Are you wondering what's open on Easter day?

Maybe you're not in the mood for ham or lamb, but want something a little more familiar to the family.

Many of your favorite restaurants are open on Easter.

jenifoto, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
jenifoto, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

We have the "best" restaurants here in Ocean County. I know I hear a lot of complaints about what we have but there are so many positives to our restaurants and there's always a delicious restaurant to check out.

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These 10 restaurants are popular and fan favorites and should be open, according to

Lately, we have enjoyed the Olive Garden with their famous soup and salad. The Olive Garden is open, if you're wondering, they are on the list.

Most importantly, it's all about family and friends. With Easter, spring brings warmth, us closer to summer, Easter egg hunts, candy, and fun for the kids.

If you choose one of these popular restaurants or another popular restaurant that you love in Ocean County, make sure to check ahead and call to make sure your favorite place is open on Easter day.

10 Popular Restaurants Open on Easter Day in New Jersey

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