Only in New Jersey. You would think listing the 10 Commandments for the rules of the road here in the Garden State would be enough, right?  Yeah, not so much.

There's so much craziness on NJ's roads that we came up with a second  list of 10 Commandments for all the people who wrote in and commented on Facebook, Twitter or on our website with some fantastic suggestions. From the left lane laggers to the drivers who think their turn signals were optional equipment on their car, we have heard your cries for sanity on the roads and we are posting them for all to read and (hopefully) adhere to.

Here are more commandments for driving in New Jersey:

I. Thou shall move the heck over for emergency vehicles

If you happen to see an emergency vehicle with their lights on coming up behind you, as safe as you can, move over for them to get through. Officers, fire and EMS workers have a hard enough job without having the stress of New Jersey's drivers.

Also, tied to this commandment, is thou shall also let the people who moved over for the emergency vehicle back in their lane. Don't be that guy that speeds up behind the emergency car and doesn't let the people back in, you know you're wrong!

II. Thou shall know how and when to use thy high beams

There are plenty of dark roads in New Jersey, we get it. Sometimes, your high beams are warranted. That's fine. Just realize that when you see a car coming at you, TURN THEM OFF. You're going to blind your fellow driver and possibly cause an accident. Also, if you're in dense fog, as Meteorologist Dan Zarrow normally notes, your high beams are actually going to make it worse, not better.

III. Thou shall not slow down to change lanes

Keep with the flow of traffic people. Changing lanes can be a frightening experience in New Jersey no doubt. People won't let you in, they speed up so you can't get ahead but it isn't going to help the drivers behind you if you decide to slow it down to 10-20 mph under the speed limit so you have more time to get where you're going. Also, another helpful tip, probably better to NOT wait until the last minute to get over when you're exit is coming up!

IV. Thou shall refrain from pulling into traffic at the slowest pace possible

This goes hand-in-hand with Commandment III. Don't be the driver that pulls out of the local shopping mall parking lot like Jeff Gordon pulling out of a Nascar pit only to slow down to a crawl after that. Nothing infuriates a NJ driver more than someone cutting them off and then going slow as molasses after they get out on the road.

V. Thou shall not tailgate up they fellow driver's rear end

We are well aware New Jersey is overcrowded. You're not saving any room by driving up the posterior of the car in front of you. It's just going to make the driver in front of you nervous or mad, depending on their mentality. If for some reason that they have to stop short, you're almost guaranteeing an accident will be looming.

VI. Thou shall avoid potholes

This is easier said than done in NJ. The state is littered with potholes on our major roadways and there are some that are even worse in our local towns. There are those potholes that resemble that black hole of doom rather than a bump in the road. Keep an eye out for them!

VII. Thou shall not move into a passing lane with no one to pass 

This goes along with the original Commandment of staying to the right. This may be even worse than the original because if you're getting into the passing lane for no apparent reason, just because the scenery on the left side of the road is nicer to you, other drivers are going to have a problem. Congratulations, you've just made yourself a moving roadblock. Keep it to the right!

VIII. Thou shall not make a right on red during full traffic

We are very fortunate in NJ to have the ability to make a right on red. It's a great perk but if you're going to take advantage of it, let's make sure it is not at the expense of other drivers. Don't be that driver that doesn't even stop and makes the turn on the fly just to beat the oncoming traffic that has the right of way.

VIX. Thou shall not speed around the school bus

Nobody enjoys being stuck behind the local school bus. It's not fun and definitely adds time to your commute. As the drivers are making stops to pick up or drop off kids, don't get the bright idea to try and zip around the bus to save yourself some time before the flashing red lights come on. Take it easy speed racer, you'll get to where you're going soon enough.

X. Thou shall not take thy neighbors parking spot

Following this Commandment will help minimize the road rage incidents at the over-crowded shopping malls and store parking lots. If someone is clearly waiting for a spot, don't be the idiot who pulls in before they can get to it. Not cool. Getting out of the car and acting oblivious like you weren't aware someone was waiting is only going to infuriate the jilted driver even further.

As an added bonus, during the winter time in urban areas, do not go and park in a shoveled out spot in residential areas. Someone really had to break their back to shovel themselves out, the least you can do is let them have it back when they return home for all their effort.

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